How will I receive phone verification code ?

You will receive the phone number on the live chat and after you use the number the live chat agent will give you the SMS verification code. The live chat can be accessed by clicking on the icon located at the bottom right corner. If for some reason you do not see the icon then you may also contact us on our facebook page.

Will the phone number work in any country ?

Yes, usually the country doesnt matter most of the websites and apps allow you to enter any country’s phone number for a reason so that you are not limited.

What country phone numbers are available ?

We have phone numbers belonging to many different countries of the world. We have phone numbers from Asia, America (north and south), Africa, Europe, Oceania and so on. The live chat agent will be able to give you more details.

Can I use the service at later point in time ?

Yes, once you purchase the service from us you can use it any time you want. Its up to you whether you want to use it today or after a week, month or even an year as long as you have not already used it or if it is undelivered.

Can I receive verification code via voice call ?

Yes, it is possible to get a phone verification code via voice call. If the name of the website or app for which you want phone verification is not listed here then please talk to the live chat agent as we can arrange it for you.

What payment options are available ?

For the list of payment options follow this link

The chat agent is not responding what should I do ?

Don’t worry, if the chat agent is not responding that means the agent is not available. Make sure you wait 5 to 10 minutes before closing the chat. If no chat agent responds then try after an hour or two.

The website or app is not listed can I still get phone verification code ?

Yes, you can get phone verification for any website. If you still have any doubt then you can talk to us on live chat.

Can I receive more than one verification code with a disposable number?

Disposable number is unusable after 15 minutes so if you want multiple verification codes then you will be required to use the number within that time frame. Also you pay for verification code not the phone number so you would have to purchase the service according to how many verification codes you want from the same disposable number.

How can I buy a permanent (rent based) phone number for the website/app that is not listed on the website ?

You should talk to the live chat agent to buy a permanent number for a specific website or app that you can’t find on the website.

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