We can review each refund request on case by case basis and then decide. Below are the general rules.

Disposable phone number

You are eligible for a refund if no SMS is received on the phone number that is provided to you. Once the SMS is received it means that the phone number has been used and in that case, a refund will not be possible.

Rent based phone number

After activation of the phone number if no SMS is received then you can get a refund but once you use the provided number and if SMS is received then you can neither cancel your subscription for the current month or week nor you can get a refund. Only if you purchase a permanent rent based number for more than a month only then we can refund you the money for unused months. The subscription cannot be cancelled for the currently active month or week. It can only be cancelled if after activation of the number no SMS is received.

General refund policy

We are not responsible for any account that you create on any third party website. If your account gets banned (which doesn’t happen unless you do something wrong) then refund is not possible. Our job is only to provide you phone number and SMS online.

Social Media / youtube and website traffic

Full refund in case of social media services such as Instagram followers, youtube subscribers, etc.. and website traffic is only possible if the process is not initiated. If for example you ordered 1000 website hits or 1000 followers and you already received 100 followers or website hits then a partial refund will be possible depending on how many hits, likes, subscribers or followers you received.

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