By using our phone verification service you agree to the following terms

  1. We are not responsible if you are asked to re-verify. Certain services like facebook and twitter may ask you to re-verify your account after verifying once if their algorithms detect some unusual or suspicious activity in your account or due to some other reason. We have no control over it, we can only recommend that you do not logout of your twitter or facebook account once you are verified and do not log in using IPs belonging to different geographical locations.
  2. In case of disposable phone number we are not responsible if you get locked out of your account. We recommend that after gaining access to your account if possible remove the phone number so that if the website decides to revoke your access to its services until you re-verify your account with the SMS code sent to the number that is in your account. In such a situation we wont be able to help you and you will be locked out of your account. Disposable number will work fine as long as you know what you are doing, you need not worry about it since the chat agent will brief you about how to use it and what practices to follow at the time of delivery. If you want a permanent or rent based phone number then for that we have a different service where you have to pay weekly or monthly rental for the number.
  3. You pay for SMS verification code and not the phone number which means that, if no text message is received then we would give you another number free of cost until SMS is received.
  4. If you have purchased permanent number then we are responsible for delivering you the code till the expiry period. If you do not renew the number before the expiry period then the number will get deleted.
  5. Same disposable number can be repurchased within 24 hours, after 24 hours the number gets deleted and cannot be used again. After creating an account with our non-permanent number we are not responsible if you get logged out of your account with no way of getting back in, because certain websites require you to log in with the sms code sent to the registered mobile number.
  6. Our job is to give you the correct verification code and get you access to the account, that’s all. You are responsible for your account on any third party website or app. According to our refund policy once you receive the SMS verification code there can be no refund.
  7. You shall not use our website for any purpose that is unlawful and illegal.

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