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Looking for a disposable, temporary or rental phone number to set up a Grindr account? We can help. Here at Felix Merchant, we are specialist in account phone number verification and can easily provide you with a phone number to use during the sign up process, as well as verification codes to confirm and set your account live.

Nowadays, when you sign up for a new app or create a new social media account, the majority will request that you provide them with a personal phone number in order to finalize your account set up. Of course, many people have tried and tested simply putting a fake phone number, or random assortment of numbers, into the field to try to bypass this stage. But platforms have wisened up to this behavior and now send verification messages to the number you’ve provided, asking you to input these numbers into the app or website to continue.

When you use our account verification number service, you will be provided with a number to put into the app or website, as well as the verification code that is sent to the number. This bypasses this entire process and allows you to maintain anonymity while using the apps you want to enjoy.

There are countless reasons that you might not want to use your personal phone number when setting up a dating profile on Grindr. Sharing your phone number intrinsically links you to the account you create, posing a threat to your privacy. Instead, by using our account number verification service, you can maintain your anonymity.

Many companies also try to take these personal details for marketing purposes, flooding your inbox with marketing materials after your sign up. You can swerve this onslaught of marketing material from the app and any third parties that they may sell personal details onto too.

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